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2001 – My husband and I got our first lab. Our plan was to have a fantastic family dog. We got Hudler at 7 weeks, went to all the training classes, got his CGC, got hooked on the breed. I knew that this was the beginning of our life with Labradors. Hudler's gone on to earn his CD and RN titles.  

2002 – We added Maddy to our family. We ended up with a girl with a high retrieving drive. Because of Maddy's working aptitude, I got involved with hunting, obedience, and rally. We have trained together and earned our WC, CD, UCD and RAE titles. This girl is an amazing working dog and really taught me about building a relationship with Labradors. Maddy also suffers from Elbow Dysplasia, but with surgery, diet, exercise, and supplements, we have managed her condition for years now. All her titles were earned AFTER her surgery!

2005 – We decided it was time to find a puppy that we could show. We were lucky to add Grace to our family (Thank you Susan and Wayne Martin of Wynmar Labradors). This girl is a wonderful addition to our family with a classic Labrador temperament and Labrador type. Grace has earned many First Place ribbons in AKC Conformation shows, as well as her RE, WC, and CGC titles.

2008 – Grace was bred to CH Epoch's Bacardi Joe Banner, for our very first litter. Jack and Jed have stayed on with us. Both have earned their United Kennel Club CHAMPION titles.  They have also added CGC’s and other obedience titles to their names.

2010 – We decided to breed Grace one last time, to BISS GCH Big Sky's Stone Kutter. Our black and chocolate pups were born the day after Christmas. As fate had it, we kept another chocolate boy...Grizzly! Grizz is our first Lab to earn points towards his AKC Champion Title! Grizz also earned his CGC and several Rally titles

2014 – Welcomed a new pup to the Canyon Family. Amethyst Paint it Black at Canyon is our black boy from Karen Turner at Amethyst Labs in Tucson, AZ. Jagger promised to be the show dog we have all been waiting for. Jagger is living with co-owner Matt Amos and has earned his AKC Champion title as well as his CGC and is an active Therapy dog.   This year also held some sadness as we lost our two oldest Labradors, Maddy (11 ½) in March, followed by Hudler (13 ½) in October.

2015 – We decided try out a new sporting dog.  I've been looking at Wirehaired Pointing Griffons for years.  I made a call to a local show/hunting breeder and got on the list.  Wrigley is a new chapter for Canyon.  At the same time, a beautiful black bitch lab pup was made available to us.  Not one to say "No" to a great opportunity, we decided to welcome Tickle to the family too.  Tickle has a great pedigree and we are looking forward to seeing what she has to offer.  Thanks to Sherry Guerts of Hayshaker Labs for offering her to us.  Tickle has since become a Champion.

2017 – More sadness for us as we lost our Griff, Wrigley (2 ½), to a drug resistant form of Epilepsy.  We also lost Grace (12 ½) the same week. 

2018 – We welcomed 5 puppies in June from Tickle and Jed!  We also welcomed a new Wirehaired Pointing Griffon into our family from Whiskeytown in California.

...and a Griff

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